Jak kupować?

Step 1 - Product Selection

  • , browse categories or use the search to find the right product
  • for each product you will find detailed information about
  • note that registered customers can store products in store
  • after you have found interesting product, add it to your cart
  • if completing the order is completed - go to your cart.

    Step 2 - Cart Contents

    • in your shopping cart you'll see exactly which products you choose and how much
    • Change the column number and click "convert" to adjust the order
    • by clicking on the minus icon remove products from cart
    • pick the exact form of delivery and payment
    • If you have a coupon code, please enter it below to get a discount
    • to confirm your choices by clicking on the "Order".

      Step 3 - Placing an order

      • If you have an account with us, please enter your username and password and click "Log In"
      • if you do not have an account, select the "Register" or skip setting up your account by clicking on "place your order"; remember that the registration will allow you to enjoy many benefits, including:
        • overview of the status of orders and purchase history,
        • no need to re-enter data for subsequent purchases.
          • Enter your name and contact entries
          • to order sent to another address, select "different shipping address" and enter the relevant data
          • any additional information about the order place in the "comments"
          • click on "Summary" you will see a set of information that you provide
          • Click on the "Place Order" means the purchase confirmation
          • receive an email and click on the link to confirm your order.

            Please note that registered customers can track the status of your account execution of complex orders.

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