Linseed oil cold pressed unrefined oil 500ml

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Wielkopolska Linseed oil is obtained by cold pressing of the ripe seeds of flax. Cold pressing allows for oil with high content of fatty acids. Linseed oil contains 100 g of about 50% of omega 3, when fish only a few grams. Omega 3 have an invaluable impact on human health. Are important for the functioning of brain cells and their deficiency can manifest itself worse mental work, visually impaired or even depressive states. Regular consumption of oil improves lipid metabolism, which is associated with decreased LDL. Len is a good complement to the diet for diabetics, because it supports the regulation of blood sugar levels.

The oil also improves kidney function and helps lower blood pressure. Linseed oil in addition to omega-3 also contains other important ingredients. One is the polyphenols, which are a strong antioxidant and destroy harmful free radicals. Another important compounds are plant hormones such as lignans, which are similar to estrogens, are slowed down by the aging process. It is understood that not more than 3 tablespoons per day of flaxseed oil are completely sufficient dose to obtain beneficial effects on health. In contrast, the dosage is considered to limit the amount to 100 g per day.

The oil can be used in the kitchen adding to dishes such as salads, vegetables, curds, sauces, yogurt. Keep in mind that you should not heat, or use at high temperatures, because then loses its properties and can produce harmful chemicals.

COMPOSITION 100% linseed oil cold pressed, unrefined

Packaging: bottle of dark glass

Nutritional values ​​Nutritional value per 100 ml: Energy: 3411kj / 830kcal 98,6g fat - including saturated fatty acids 9.8 g ~ - including monounsaturated fatty acids ~ 17g - including polyunsaturates ~ 71,8g * alpha-linolenic acid 48g ~ * ~ linoleic acid 15g Carbohydrates 0g - of which sugars 0g Cholesterol 0mg fiber ~ 1g protein 0g Sodium

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