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It should be used due to their properties. Combat fatigue, improve quality of sleep and blood circulation. With these patches will be easier to overcome difficulties that can not handle modern techniques. Slices TANOKI is a proven operation and the original Japanese recipe.

Slices TANOKI combine the wisdom of the Far East with a modern lifestyle. Their use brings the same benefits - convinced of it already millions of people around the world, today, to find out about it and you as well.

TANOKI that only carefully selected 100% natural substances.

What are the different slices TANOKI from other patches available on the market? Slices of purifying TANOKI contain the highest amount of tourmaline in the market, and dextrin, active compounds that are responsible for the operation of patches during treatment. Their right amount of guarantees the highest possible effectiveness of the patches. As only they are packaged in a hermetic, airtight container, ensuring lack of humidity and allow long to maintain the highest quality product. The only ones on the market are equipped with One-Touch system, which facilitates trouble sticking plaster, reducing the risk of damage, detachment or incorrect positioning

Usage: If you use the patches TANOKI the first time, you can put 2 pieces on each foot, and in the morning, when removing patches, note which parts are the most sediment. Slices of Cleansing Detox TANOKI should be stuck overnight for about 6 to 10 hours on both feet. It is recommended that the assumption of socks on the glued patches to protect you and / or your family from toxins. This will increase the pressure fingers on foot, slices will be more heated and thus more effective.

Full treatment should last 10-20 days, taking into account individual circumstances. TANOKI patches are disposable. After a single use patch TANOKI take off and discard in the trash. TANOKI patches are intended for outdoor use - you can attach it only to undamaged skin.

The patches should not be used in pregnant women, children or people who are allergic to any of the above mentioned components. To achieve sustainable well-being is desirable to use patches weekly.

TANOKI patches contain a unique system of One-Step-Patch, which ensures precise and permanent placement of the patch on the foot and better absorption of active substances.

Only patches TANOKI have a pad of active substances, directly connected with adhesive.

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