Pumpkin seed oil 250ml

Pumpkin seed oil 250ml
Pumpkin seed oil 250ml

Pumpkin seeds are a source of vegetable oil, dark green - brown color, nutty smell and taste. The oil produced from specially selected pumpkin seeds. Pressed it is cold, so that retains the flavor, aroma and color characteristic of pumpkin seeds. For this reason, a great addition to soups, salads, salads, cooked vegetables and other dishes prepared for the cold. Pumpkin seeds are a valuable source elements (phosphorus, potassium, calcium), fiber and nutritious oil. The oil contains also phytosterols, phytosterinen, squalene and omega-6 and 9. Pumpkin seed oil helps to combat parasites due to the presence cucurbitasterolu. Phytosterinen recommended for the prevention and treatment of early stage prostate hypertrophy. It stimulates the thyroid function and prevents interference. Furthermore, a beneficial effect on disorders of the urinary tract and bladder. A similar impact is Citruline - it supports the formation of urinary substances. Squalene, in turn, will slow down senile changes in the skin induced by ultraviolet radiation. In addition, regulates the level of blood cholesterol, all the poisons are removed from the body, it is essential in the formation of the body of sex hormones and bile acids.

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